I'm having computer problems - more specifically - browser problems. I have no problems loading my Outlook or any of my chat modules (Aim, Yahoo, etc), but my problem is this - it is taking forever to connect to a website. ONCE I connect, I can navigate no problem, and really fast, its just GETTING to the website's server that is the dilemma. I called Powerspec (computer mfg and they said it was not a hardware or software problem, and it was a connection issue). I called Comcast (my IP) and they said if I can connect to my mail and other modules, theres nothing wrong with my connection or modem. So...I have a problem and A tells me its B, B tells me its C, C tells me it's D's problem. I dont know what to do as no one seems to be able to tell me why I cant get a decent browser connection speed initially. Any thoughts????

Hi HappyHead

Try this site pcstats.com. They have a number of
PC Tweaks, think there'll be some tweak to help u connect faster to the internet


It sounds to me as if there could be three basic things to check

1) clear temporary internet files and set the max space allowed for files to 25mb.

2) check for viruses using up to date antivirus software

3) check for spyware using up to date version.

Let us know what happens please