I have a 40G I use as a secondary drive to store all my files..

I was hoping that segregating my data from my OS drive would afford myself a certain degree of safety, alas - after a power failure, XP reports the drive as a 4G "CDFS" partition, so the many utilities I've used to try and recover the data only work up until the 4G mark.

CHKDSK reports that it will not work with "RAW" partitions..

XP keeps asking me to format the drive, but I don't want to lose my data.

Does anyone have any suggested solutions? I have no floppies around and can't use the PMagic fix... I do have CDRs handy though!

Thanks in advance,

Rick the ADDJ

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I would drop it in hard drive enclosure and see if you can pull the information using usb. Its worked for us in the pase.


Stellar Phoenix Recovery Suite will be able to access your data

you'll have to find a download for it.. limewire/kazaa/torrent. (or buy it)


Sorry about the delay responding, aahh stuck working alot, (and I found out we're having a new baby boy!) hehe!!

Anyways, I can't access the drive in DOS (it says it's a RAW drive)

I'm grabbing Stellar Phoenix right now, thanks for the advice guys - I'll post the results in here.

(wish I'd added email notification to this thread...hope you guys are still around! I wanna salvage my old DJ sets!)

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