I have just got a new desktop computer the Dell Dimension E310 for gaming use only. When I went to download a game from the web (Gunbound) it was all fine. But when I made it to the main log in screen something was wrong. I clicked play-live and a screen popped up that read I dont have a 3D Video Card/or I Need To Upgrade Graphics Card. I then went to the main page where it has links to download upgrades for my graphics card and I download one of the links. I tried it again and the same thing happend even if I changed to a different link. Can Someone Plzzz Help!!??!!??!!??

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My name is Todd and I'm part of Dell's online outreach program. The Dimension E310 came with integrated video and does not have a dedicated graphics card. If your system requires a specific card, or minimum card requirements, it may not run that game. I would recommend contacting the support group for that game to see if it can run with an integrated video system. They may have a patch or update that will allow it to run.

That system also came with two PCI card connection slots on the system board. You can purchase PCI based video cards to install and use, possibly, depending on the game requirements.

Here is a link to the online user's guide for that model that shows you what the system has for hardware specifications.


Let me know if that helps you, or if you have any other questions. I'll stop back to see if I can be of further help.

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Bah, I clicked the wrong radio button on Give Rep and gave negative by mistake. Can't take it back but if someone could give him some positive rep to correct my error that would be great. This was a very helpful post. (Even though the poster put it in the wrong forum :) )

Done and done. :-)

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