OK, it may not be the floppy drive itself, but...

Every time I boot Windows (doesn't happen in Linux) my floppy drive light comes on and starts buzzing. It happens about 2-3 times before it finally stops. I'm thinking it's virus-related, but is it a virus trying to infect it or my AV app trying to scan it? (BTW, neither one should be happening) Ctrl+alt+delete doesn't show anything unusual, but in case it helps:

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  • Explorer
  • Mxtask (looked this up, it's part of VCom AV)
  • TeaTimer (part of Spybot)
  • Hidserv
  • Systray

I just had an excellent idea... run my AV app with definitions from this year...
It's already found a trojan horse, I'm waiting to see if there's anything else.

Also, I keep seeing odd-looking messages on my screen for a fraction of a second while shutting down. Sometimes it's an orange message in the middle of the screen (I think this is the "it's now safe..." screen) and sometimes there's a little gray bar at the top with some black text in it, but both go too fast for me to read. Is it a virus, or my eyes going bad?

Removed the Trojan, it still tries to access the floppy drive at boot.

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