I have made endless attempts to install Windows. Problem is CD ROM is not recognised or "not ready to read". Bios are frozen- I cannot change any of the settings/ values. I start with a bootup disk (Win. 95, 98 etc), I get "remove disk & press any key". Could you suggest something?


How old is this computer? Are you rather good with computers, or just starting out?

It may be possible to reset your BIOS with jumpers on the motherboard. If you are just starting out though, it might be over your head on trying to find them.

Typically, 2000/XP wants to boot from a CD-ROM and load from there. If your computer is too old where booting from a CD-ROM is not an option, on 2000 at least, there is a directory that has a program on there that will let you make 4 good-old floppy disks to help along with your installation.

But a larger question is this: how old is your computer? If it is in the generation that does not boot from the CD-ROM, perhaps the computer is too weak to run XP. yeah, it might load it up, but you may grow old waiting for it to do so.

Let us know about the age of your computer, and how much memory and disk is available.