I know this seems to be a popular problem on here, but I haven't seen anyone reply with something that actually worked. And I need help! This problem is driving me crazy, I need something to work..and everyone's replies were way too complicated and things I've never heard of..so any reply that will help or fix this ANNOYING problem will be greatly greatly greatly appreciated.

So I've had Internet Explorer 7 for a long time, and haven't downloaded or accessed anything new or unusual, when Tuesday I logged to get into my internet (on my wireless laptop) and it says "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage". So everytime this happens I always go up and restart my routers and desktop computer. But this time that did not work. The problem was persistent. Google would show up, and so will simple sites with basically no pictures, in otherwords, text websites work fine...which are about 3 sites I've found. Whenever I type something in the www. form, it comes up in a Google search.

So no websites can be accessed, and I am completely puzzled by this. Especially since the connectivity is fine (I did diagnotics, no problem) and my sister's wireless on her laptop works perfectly fine. I downloaded Firefox today, same thing.."Server Not Found" although the connection is strong.

The only way that I am able to be on now looking for help is by using my sister's laptop. I have to save all downloadable files to a rewritable disk since I cannot open any pages on my own to download. Also...AIM and iTunes store do not work. Yahoo and Google are basically all that works.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND! But I can't go without internet on my computer much longer.

Any help (in english, please) would benefit me sooo greatly.

Thank You!!

I tried but was unable to access the HostsXpert and LSPfix since I had to save all the files onto a disk and then copy them to my laptop. For some reason they wouldn't unzip. I didn't know what to do with them. But I have the HiJack thing but I doubt that will do any good without the others.

I'm really confused by this problem, as is everyone i've talked to about it.

I don't know if this will help or not, but it will not hurt :).

Go to Start | Run and type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit ok.
Reboot and see what change there is.

If you want both those programs I listed in the other thread, PM me an email and I will mail them to you.

The ipconfig /flushdns didn't work. Still getting "server not found" on Firefox. I don't really have the patience to download Opera now, because I'm sure it would only end in extreme annoyance once again. The thing with those other files is they are on my computer, but I have Freezip and when I tried to unzip the files, they didn't work...the black screen that came up asked if I wanted to replace files from a game I just uninstalled. So once again I'm confused, as they didn't unzip at all, the screen just goes away and nothing happens.

Right click on the following link and save the file to your desktop.
When done, double click to run it. This should restore XP's default zip file program.

I take it you are using XP?

Yes I do use XP. And it's not picking up the link in your post, so hopefully you can post it fully next time.

Is it a link I can save to a disk and copy onto my own laptop's desktop?

sorry for that long hiatus. I was unable to copy/save the link onto a disk to put onto my laptop. I don't know why. But my dad is currently looking at it and now my wireless network is not even connecting. I keep telling him to just delete the hard drive, do you think this will work? I hope to god something works. I need this to work before school starts.

I would suggest a reformat then. A nice fresh start is probably just what is needed :).
You can also do a system repair which may fix it. Any security updates/service packs will need to be reinstalled.

My, I hope it works. My dad just wiped it clean and is reinstalling things and trying to set up the connection..but it's all weird and there's a small screen and it won't let him expand it...according to his explanation which wasn't a very good one. In other words, still no internet. Hah..boy oh boy I'm losing my mind over this thing!! :-P

Thank you for all of your help though! I really do appreciate it.

No worries and good luck :)