I'm pretty stumped here. my Win 2k machine has been running for years with two CD-RW drives, no probs. One day, after booting up, I got an error saying that config/systemd was corrupt. OK, so I did what Microsoft recommends and fixed it. After that, I got "hardware not found" errors, and corrected all of them by reloading the drivers, with the exception of the CD drives. I see them in Device Manager with a Yellow circle/exclamation mark. I know that they use standard Win 2k drivers since they are Atapi drives using the standard windows cdrom drivers. No matter. I uninstalled them, rebooted, got a "hardware found" message, ran it through and still can't get decent drivers loaded. They are still showing in Device Manager but no drive letter has been assigned so I can't use them at all. I checked the BIOS and it picked them up correctly. Any ideas? Thanks!

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