For the past several days I have had a situation where I have email capability and update capabilities through the internet without any problems. But any attempt to access the web through either IE6 or Mozilla fails when I am booted up in normal mode. The system indicatest that the site is found but waiting for reply. Then hangs there and never connects to whatever site is selected.

I've discussed this with another person who had me start the system in safe mode. When started in safe mode then both browsers work fine.
So far I've tried running msconfig when booted in normal mode and then tested where the possible failure is by disabling one at a time the various files / startup items / system services. But none of those isolated a problem.

We also downloaded a copy of HijackThis and removed all BHO's (browser help objects). This still didn't make any difference. Both browsers still hang when in normal mode.

Also have ran the system through a full virus scan from McAffee and also a full scan using Adaware. No change after that. I can't get Spybot Search & Destroy to install after download. It tells me my settings will not not allow system to complete installation.

So, hope that someone can offer some other suggestions on what could be done to get back the use of these browsers. How to get Spybot S & D to install while in safe mode. Also any ideas on what else to look at in HijackThis other than the BHO's.

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post you hijackthis log .

post you hijackthis log .

Problem with IE6 and Mozilla not running in normal mode is no longer issue. 2 days after both browsers began seizing up , they both began became operational.
The last operation that I did before the browsers quit fuctioning was going to a Virtual Earth site that my son had placed as a shortcut on our desktop. I had clicked on it and it just hung for over a minute. That is when I closed out of the attempt to access that site. From that point was when both browsers began hanging.

I'm thinking that the system was somehow trying to complete the load of this Virtual Earth site (which I understand is a memory hog) and not allowing for connection to any other site.

If ever heard of this would like to know . Thanks

i would not put google earth on mt enemy's
don't know if it caused your problem, might have.i would still post the hijack log

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