Well folks, Im gonna slug it out. Im going to comtinue using Vista until they fix it or I will the lottery (come-on baby!!!). I have been using Vista for about 3 months now and have had my share of problems, even to the point of reformating ... twice ... 8/

Anyway, I found that it has been running stable for the last 2 months. I update the Important updates ONLY, none the optionals. I have thought of giving SP1 a run, but then I thought I'd get some imput from some of you "floppy-heads" before i try it out. Feel free to rag on me, Im married ... with children ... you cant hurt my feelings anymore....8)

As for games running ok, I really havent had too many problems as of yet. DDO runs fine and LoTRO runs fine also. City of Heroes seems to be having either major lag issues on their end sense the last update OR it has been bitten by Vista, Ill give it a day or two. Also, Counter Strike seems to run well on Vista.

Anyway, if some of you folks have been running SP1 on Vista, post some of your findings, Im very interested in them.

Thanks Folks

By SP1 do you mean Service Pack 1 for Vista? or another Game. Iam not into games so just wanted to confirm. SP1 for Vista is not officially out and will take time.

Just SP1 for Vista. I understand its not offically out, but i know its being tested at this time. Was just wondering if the Beta is pretty stable as of yet.

So far what microsoft released cannot be named as SP1. The released are only updates/patches for two specific issues.

most of their recent updates seem to be screwing up the computer i have. so i dont install updates.