hey, i get a lot of photos from animewallpaper.com and now when i save the only option is the bitmap/bmp format which is too large. how can i restore the default setting to jpeg or gif. when i try to save now, it is not even an option(jpeg/gif).

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This is due to your Internet Explorer being corrupt. :( Try doing a repair. Otherwise, use an alternative browser such as Mozilla in the meantime.


All you should need to do is empty the Internet cache - that's the only thing likely to be corrupted.

Tools -> Internet Options -> General

Then press the 'delete files' button.

That'll clear out the excessive amount of files in there, which are confusing the issue and causing the problem. Try it - it works!


i tried the clean out thing with no luck. i always use tracks eraser which gets it anyhow. i have an external wireless firewall that is encrypted. software firewall and AV. i use spyware blaster and spybot S&D. so i'm not sure if it is corrupted...


Reinstall Internet Explorer then.

I have NEVER found an instance where this regular and common problem couldn't be fixed by clearing the Internet cache. I would also advise avoiding the use of gimmicky utilities. Regular use of the inbuilt maintenance tools is always the best policy to follow.

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