I have used Canon Zoombrowser to download photos from a compact flash card to my PC. However, the folder to which I thought I had moved the files does not contain those files and I cannot find where the files have been moved to.

A Search does not, of course find the files. Whilst the photos are still on the CF card I would like to know where the downloaded files have been moved to. Usually my photos are downloaded to My Pictures and then moved to, at present a folder named: 8 august within Pictures 2007. since I take a lot of photos I find that to store them by month is useful.

In this particular instance I had not highlighted the folder "8 August" but it was "greyed out". On intiating the Move option the folder disappeared from the My Pictures folder. and as mentioned above the folder has apparently disapeared into thin air! i created a folder called Test Move and repeated the Move option and the Search function could not find that file.

I regard this as a bug in Win XP (unless my sytem has been corrupted). The folder is moved and is not anywhere in the directory tree. I would have thought that if a destination folder is not specifically identified then surely the moved folder should be in the root directory of the drive, in this case Drive C or there should be an error message, eg. "Select a Destination Folder" and why is the apparent destination directory "greyed out". aurely it would be better if the desired destination folder were to be highlighted or not.

Does anyone know where these files or folders would have gone?

After trying everything I could think of, including checking from a command prompt -they weren't there! I found that I had moved the photo files to another drive, an external drive I use as backup and the directory structure is of course (almost) the same. The window cut off the upper portion of the directory tree so the root drive was hidden from view and the mistake was not detected!

This just underlines how easy it is to get bogged down in what is actually a simple mistake! please accept my apologies to anyone who has bent their minds on this one!