I have read through past post relating to this same issue nothing there applyed to this one. first this is an win me box, 2nd I don't get and error.

I can open up IE fine, but when I try to open up a 2nd one the computer freezes. I have checked for spyware, adware, virous, found none and just to make sure I even ran 3 diffrent on-line scans still nothing found. I used IEradicator to uninstall IE rebooted then reinstalled IE6 this did not work uninstalled then reinstalled Java this still did not work, ran updates still nothing. installed firefox and it works just fine i was able to open up 7 browser windows without computer freezing, if it was up to me this is what i would use, but since this is a customers machine and he said he don't like firefox I have to fix his issue. with that said if anyone has any ideal how to fix this issue please let me know. Thank you.

I got this issue resolved, Had to do a repair install, then del v4 dir, ran ieradicator again reinstalle IE. this seemed to work.