I have a desktop computer and a laptop both running Windows XP. recently i was running a program called hamachi on my desktop when it asked me if i would like to update the program. i said yes and as soon as it finished my internet stopped working.

I have tried restaring my computer many times. I tried rebooting with last known good configuration but that did nothing. I have also turned off saving system restore points apparently. It is not a problem with my router since my laptop still works.

Any suggestions?

1. What is hamachi, what does it do
2. please dont post in two seperate forums. I will ask for this one to be deleted/merged

The program you updated corrupted your TCP or LSP stacks. Search Google for "LSPFix" and "WinsockFix"/ Those are two great and free programs which will repair your Windows networking files.

Hamachi is a VPN software. I also use it but haven't really upgraded it from its prompt. Try uninstalling hamachi and disabling the network connection that it makes. Can you tell us what type of internet connection do you use? Are you connected to a LAN device or are you using DSL or dial up ?

alright, thanks. how exactly would I disable the connection that it makes?

I have sattelite internet by the way

alright, problem solved by download and running a program called winsockxpfix

thanks everyone

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