I would be very greatful if you can help me to sort out my system and to save my data.
I have win XP Pro installed on my system with 5 partitions on NTFS. Drives: c:,d:,e:,f:g: and one slave drive.
my xp pro is installed on c: drive. I have two users one myself and other just home. But home user can access only c and f drive. this is where problem starts.
What I did i just inserted my Xp Pro CD in CD drive and tried to install new XP Pro from on C Drive. But it didn't install on c drive infact insalled on i drive with as extra win XP Pro syetms. So I had two OP systems on my system. You see what is going on. Then after that I booted my system from CD Rom with win XP pro and in Recovery mode I formatted C drive. NOw I have only one OP system. so from c: drive then I deleted few files of other win XP pro. so now I have no runninh OP system on my system.
NOw again from CD Rom I installed my new XP Pro and that is working. But I can't access d:,e:,g: etc drive from this new system. Though the my user name and password are still same.

Now can you help me in this.

You are getting denied access since you removed the OS of the system that assigned permissions to these folders. Each user account has a different and radomly generated SID (Security Identifier). Try the steps below.

1. Right click on the drive in question i.e. D: from my computer and select properties
2. Click on Advanced
3. Click on the Owner tab
4. Check the box "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects"
5. Highlight the administrators group and click ok
6. Click Yes to blah blah blah replace permissions

Let me know if it works.....