I have tried to install Oracle database but it was too big for my PC and the installation failed. But it looks like that something has been intalled and the PC has become veeery SLOW.
So the problem is how to remove that **** (sorry) from the computer.

When i try to use Controll panel/ Add Remove programs i don't find anything named Oracle installed, so i can't remove it from there.
When i try to delete the folder Oracle from Programs, i get a message that somethinf is running and that some files cannot be removed.

Then i decided to do system restore trying many points but the restore failed all the time. One guy told me that he had the same problem but he managed to restore system in Safe Mode. When i come to that screen where i should choose how i want to start windows then my keyboard stops working and i can't move betveen the choices. The PC counts down and Win starts as usual.

ok..so i have decided to reinstall the OS but when i put inn the win xp cd i get a message NO EMULATION, hit any key to boot from CD.. but when i hit any key nothing happens an the pc boots as usual... My cd-rom works ok and the cd is in good condition...

The last thing i did to make the pc boot from cd was to pred ESC just after the pc is started. Then i get a message to choose the medium to boot from.. but again, my keyboard stops working and i cannot choose anything!!

Anyone knows how i can fix my PC???? Thanks for advices!


Check in your task manager, I think that appache server was already installed on your computer, if so try to stop it any way (may be using start>>run>>msconfig>>startup). As for the files I once gut the same problems with the files Oracle places on your disk. Up to my knowledge the only way to do it is to format.

I just discovered Dial-a-Fix after going through the entire 'softwares worth downloading' thread and it fixed the problem I was having. It reloads system dll files. Give it a try.