Well Service Pack 1 Beta has come out for Windows XP

People with Downloaded copies have to pay the price of tweaking the registry and have to reboot as well lol.

SP1 full is coming.

Also Windows XP .NET should be coming out around early Fall so they say.

Also Direct X 9 Beta has come out. I been using it no difference and nothing new lol

Well something I seen they dont have the Direct X picture box no more :( I see this colored box that part sucks lol.

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When SP1 was officially released on Windows Update, I installed it, restarted my computer, and got a blue screen! I had to go into safe mode and uninstall it just to get back into Windoze!

How horrible is that?! The darn thing is incompatible with the pirated version of XP, and for those of us who actually have the legal thing, it doesn't work! I'm afraid to try again cuz I really doubt it'll work. And I don't have the time right now to format. But I know I need to reallllly soon. My pc is very all around screwed up!


i think there r many persons who had pireted versions of windows xp,frm my openion its +ould not have full features of an original windows xp cd ,so replacement of win xp is winxp original only,u can get direti x latest from new games cds

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