I have a 15GB HP Pavillion with Windows XP Pro installed.
I have lost access to my "Z" drive. I cannot remap it. When I try to remap to the original configuration it says it doesn't exist.

When I click on My Computer the Network Z Drive doesn't show up anymore.

Most of my computer files are behind this drive letter, and my computer is running with less than 400MB available. I can't access this portion of my harddrive to delete any files.

Is there something I can configure to access these files again, or what?

Thanks in advance for your help!


what u mean you can't access the particular portion? Try using Sync Power Toy from microsoft website..but your OS must be genuine to download this file...

What I mean is that when I try to access files on the "Z" directory, my computer tells me that is doesn't exist. It did exist. And several things could have unmapped the drive as far as I've been able to read.

1. When my computer updated itself, the drive was disconnected.
2. The memory is too low and connection is blocked? Unlikely.
3. I don't have all the patches I installed. I can't access enough files in order to open up more memory.

BTW, I tried to uninstall several programs with the Add/Remove program. But the Add/Remove Program manager stopped me because it could not access the "Z" drive.

However, I can open the programs from the "Start" menu.

I'm thinking that a Microsoft update corrupted my Z drive connection somehow. Now the challenge is reconnecting the drive, or somehow getting behind it to access all those files.

Does that make it clearer?

Meantime, I do have a genuine windows product, and will download the sync program and see what that does for me.

I let you know shortly!

Thanks for your suggestion!


what happens when you look in My Network Places\Entire Network\Microsoft Windows Network?

You should see locally attached network devices and can reconnect that way.

or is there something you haven't told us about the nature of your Z: drive? Like exactly where does it sit?

I'm sure there's something I haven't told you, I just don't know what to tell you.

I simply cannot find or reconnect the "Z:\Jay" directory that is using up nearly half the space on my hard drive.

When I did a search of a specific file name, I got a message that said it could find "Z:\Jay..."

So, it's telling me that it wants to find this drive, but can't.