The message "Generic Host Process for Win 32 services has encountered a problem and needs to close" comes up each time I re-boot and seems to cause Sound Card, Firewall and other problems. This seems a common problem. I have looked at many postings and applied many suggested fixes but to no avail.

The error signature is
szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.2180 szModName : ntdll.dll
szModVer : 5.1.2600.2180 offset : 00011f6c

I have discovered from the windows sound troubleshooter that I can re-activate the sound card using the Add Hardware Wizard in Control Panel, but on re-booting the sound card once again cannot be found by programs that use it. So I have to reactivate it every time. Painful.

Also, Windows Firewall cannot be started. Other issues are intermittent problems with accessing the internet via Explorer, a different look to the task bar, and for a while unable to see removable drive in Windows explorer.

Actions taken include

Run AVG Antivirus daily. It comes up with a Kernel 32.dll error with a result of "changed", but the error still appears next time I run it.
Downloaded Regcure which claims to fix such problems (and paid for it), run and applied fixes with no impact on problem
Run Lavasoft Adaware Se, AVG Anti Spyware and Spybot Search and destroy and removed suggested items.
Downloaded win 32 fixes and other important updates from Microsoft.
Reinstalled Sound Driver 3 times - Realtek High Definition Audio Driver.

I am running XP Pro Media Center Edition version 2002 with service pack 2.

Is this a known virus and how do you get rid of it. Appreciate any help.

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Well, the problem seems fixed. I have Microsoft Automatic updates turned on and today a security update was downloaded and applied and the problems have gone away!!!! The updates are - Security updates for Windows Internet Explorer 7 (KB938127) and (KB937143) Amazing that Microsoft could finally fix a problem. Maybe because I kept sending them the error report. I hope it stays fixed.

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