I need help... I downloaded ad-aware 2007 and saved it on my desktop. Once I tried to install it, it gets stuck in the "entering licenses" state. I tried to hit cancel and that didn't work. Then I get message that states "Runtime Error 216 at 0040714E".

I know I have these pesky popups and I believe a virus, but that's next on the list for help.

Can someone tell me how to get around installing Ad-Aware on my pc so I can see what else is lurking on my pc.


(I realize this is a bit late and you may have resolved the issue already, but just in case...)

Sounds like you may have one of the Vundo malware variants. These people are getting sneakier all the time. First, they started interrupting scans and closing the programs once installed. Seems they've preempted AAW 2007 from even being installed in the first place.

Unfortunately, things like AAW and Spybot are more like immunizations than cures. Great to have to prevent an infection, but almost useless once you have one (like most antivirus products). The good news is, there are "antibiotics" available, almost all of them free.

Lavasoft (makers of AAW) are aware of the problem and are looking for a solution. In the meantime, here's a post to their boards with a good fix for a suspected Vundo infection.


I can't guarantee it'll work, but this comes from similar posts about your very problem. Your not the only one experiencing this issue.

Good luck!