Currently i am using Norton 2006 updated to the 2007 version.
As of the moment, i have the option to renew my subscription for £33. After looking at PC worlds 2007 Norton Antivirus, it costs £19.99. Significantly cheaper. Now i know that AVG is supposedly very good, so my question to you is:

Which should i go for; re-subscribe, buy 2007 new, or get AVG?

Thanks in Advance

AVG7 does me. Lessee... doesn't hog resources, reliable and quick updating...

Do you use the full suite for Norton? because that might be why it's more expensive.

I used Avast! (free) as AV. Spyware Blaster and Windows Defender as AS and windows xp firewall. I'm still alive :)

I ran AVG free on on pc....was I have it my current pc...cleans my pc every morning at 3am, plus I run it manuallly frecuently. I also have free Abexo to clean the registry. Both downloadable free...both GREAT!

Well i am still going to stick with Norton, even though it has been a right little bugger of a program recently, and i also run AVG Anti-Virus as well as AVG Anti-Spyware, which i find to be a great little program, no fuss compared to the delight of Norton. In case Norton misses it, AVG is there to back it up. :P
Thanks for all suggestions.

woudn't AVG and norton clash?

Nope :P
They aren't at all!
Which is good! Also just for interest, i am using Norton 2006 updated to 2007 internet security.

Actually, I have run AVG on a pc right along with McAffey and on another with Norton...never had a problem.

Comparing Norton Antivirus with AVG I consider AVG more efficient in the detection of viruses. You can also try Microsoft Security Essentials.

i use eset smart security, have been using this for the past 5 years never formatted or never got any virus in my PC

geneliajai is the only person in this thread that gave good advice. Eset's Nod32 is probably the best AV solution out there right now. Kaspersky is a pretty decent one as well. If you want something that is free then I would suggest Microsoft Security Essentials.
NEVER run multiple AV programs at the same time. On that same note, I would stay away from Norton AND McAfee. Both of those programs are bloated and slow. They are a false sense of security, and I would almost dare say that you are better off with nothing than running either of those. AVG free edition has gone to garbage. Avast used to be good about 5 years ago, but now is worthless.
Get Eset Nod32 or Kaspersky. Run a scan with Malwarebytes (free) once a month or so. Make sure you have all of your software update. (not just Windows, but ALSO Java, Flash, Adobe reader, etc...)

I think ESET nod32 usefull on this time. like jRADD :)

Personally, ESET NOD32 is terrible!

I have had the conficker virus on my usb and it found the virus but it couldn't delete the infected autorun file or the fake .dll file!!!

That is why I use AVG Free Edition (That is my preference.)

That is my Two Cents for this thread


not all perfect antivirus. but i combine ESET antivirus with local antivirus, like PCMAV (one of the main a best antivirus Indonesia). i think is usefull. because a virus is creating or modificating by virus creator at each country. they are making a virus appropriate with their idea and "art-war". so, i have did combining two antivirus. :)