Hello I have a problem that has been comming up with my computer.

My computer gives me a blue screen in windows xp sometimes that tells me that if i have installed new hardware/drivers that there may be a conflict with IRQ's or something and that i should re-install the driver and check if the hardware is installed properly.

But the thing is that i havent installed anything new for the past year.

Any ideas????

I may take a while to reply to any posts sorry but thank you for your help!!! :p

Could you write down some more information when you get the screen again. If you get the memory address that you be good. And this is just a guess but does it say IRQless or equal to (something). If that is there write that down as well. Just post that info.

did you install any windows updates before you got this error?

1. Disable all the Startup Programs using the MS Config Utility and restart
2. If the above does not work then uninstall the Network Card driver
3. If the above does not work then do a system restore to a back date