A file program werent working so dumb me decided to use "last known good configuration" to fix it. Now I know that last known good configuration isn't for fixing that sort of things, but I didn't know that then. Anyway, the result is catastrophic. Lots of stuff isn't working, I only have 4 bits of color, my monitor resolution is low like hell, and I cant go back to how it was! Every time I start windows in this normal way the shit is still there. My question: How do I get my comp to run nice and smothly again? Please help!

goto start<all programs<accessories<system tools<system restore then see if you have a restore point on the calender that is before the date when this problem occuresd but not really far behind. click the date that youve selected and click restore. Now your computer should log off maybe restart a restore progress screen will appear and when that is done your computer should work fine.

If not start in safe mode and delete whatever program is causing this problem.

If all else fails turn off your computer put the system cd which contains your windows os in the drive(make sure your bios is set to boot cd rom drive). Restart and click either F2 or F12 (might be different if you dont have a dell) and click boot from cd then the windows xp installer will launch and when asked if you want to restore say yes by pressing R this should fix all your problems. if that doesnt work then repeat the process and do a complete install.

Well, system restore isn't working, it says that it can't restore to that point (22 august 23.30, CET). Can it be because after that there are two more restoration points, or whatever they are called?

Problem solved, lets just say that i was aiming at the wrong target. Though restore still don't work and even though I don't need it now, I may need it in the future. Any tips?