ok i just installed my capture card, and i have installed all the drivers. but when i try to run the tv viewing program, i get this error message:
it wont open the program, and windows device manager says the card is working fine. what could be the problem? (i am running windows 98)

ok i was just reading the readme for the software and this is what it said about the error

Error Codes:
The following LOAD LIBRARY FAIL error codes:

1157: GRAPPLER.DLL is erased, you may copy from CD to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\.

i copied it to C:\WINDOWS\system\ but it still doesnt work can anyone help me?

ok since i cant edit my posts ill just post again
i fixed it and now i get this error!

1114: TV card not installed, driver not proper installed or Video decoder (BT848/878) is out of order.

this is getting annoying does anyone know what the problem is?

Uninstall the program, ensure the CD is clean, and then reinstall it. See if that corrects the errors.