Well, I have absolutely no clue how this happened, because one minute, my keyboard was working perfectly fine, now, it's severley messed up. I use a Toshiba A105 laptop (w/ XP), and now, certain keys are going nuts. When I hit the shift key, a window asks me if I'd like to put the system on standby, or it makes whatever window I'm in fullscreen. The Z key makes 1 z, then when i hit it again, it puts another z in front of the z I just typed. The left, down and up arrow keys type zeroes when I hit them, and the right arrow key goes back one space. I should also mention that when I hit any of the problem keys, a little green light under my F10 key goes on, the light is a symbol of a square with 4 arrows inside of it. Please help ASAP, because this problem is a real pain in the ass. Thanks.

did u spill any thing on the keyboard? verify each key to ensure none of them is stuck, also do a visual inspection if there are any object under the keys. failing that get a can of compress air and blow out the key board, there are a few panels you can remove to get to the bottom of the key board, if u are not comfiortable doing this get a pro to assist. it might also be condensation build up under the key board. if u can mouse you way to the control panel and set the keyboard to default.