Found Daniweb when I was searching Google to try solve stange new happenings on Microsoft Outlook email. Hope I am posting this at the right place.
I have noticed recently that when I access my mail to read, Outlook indicates that it is sending a message even though there are no messages in my outbox. When I go to sent items no new messages have been sent. I am using Windows XP Professional.
Being a bit of a security freek and also being fairly paranoid, I was wondering if someone had planted somethin g on my PC.
I have McAfee and various other programes geared towards security on my PC.
I would appreciate it if someone could throw some light on the subject and put my paranoia to rest.
Keith Holland
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

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How is it indicating that it has been sending message? I have been a OUtlook 2000 user for a while and upgraded recently to 2003. I notice that once a while the outlook icon on the bottom tray next to clock changes as it might be receiving or sending a mail but all it is doing is getting the data from the outlook server. If thats the case i dont think you have to worry about it. It just is getting you mailbox updated with all the latest sent received items even if you havent done anything since you opened mail.
Please do let us know if thats the case.



I will monitor that for a day or two and let you know - Thanks!. Sometimes when I have 1 message to send the Icon on the bottom tray indicates sending 1 of 2 messages even if there is only 1 in my out box. When I check my sent items only the one I was aware of has been sent.

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