I am unable to avoid putting in the www. before a website. I get a Windows Help error with a link below it saying www.websiteitypedin.com. in the address bar i get a res://asudnh.dll/error.html or something along those lines. any help would be appreciated.

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do a ad-aware and spybot scan then download hijack this and post your log here.
And if you want you should just switch to mozilla firefox i know some people dont like it but if you dont want to even type the www then you will like firefox because all you have to type is daniweb then it will come to daniweb.com


I get that occasionally too. Deleting temp Internet files and rebooting should cure it.

Btw, using the Ctrl+Enter keys is a quick way to access .com sites. Eg, type daniweb in the address bar, then press Ctrl and Enter keys together.


I am having the same problem too. I play UltimaOnline and when it tries to autopatch it wont connect because it tries to connect to a website without www. or http:// in front of it.

I think it can be fixed with iefix.reg but im not sure, and i cant find iefix.reg. Any help would be appreciated.

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