My first post here, the formatting isn't perfect but I hope it can be followed OK.
I have a computer running Windows XP Home which is installed on a 160g Pata HDD which

is nearly full. I recently installed a 2nd HDD, a Sata one, 320g. I have run the Vista Upgrade

Advisor as I intend installing Vista Home Premium on the Sata HDD, to dual boot with XP.

The Vista Upgrade Advisor says that a driver to do with this will not work with Vista, namely

'Fast Track Utility 376' by Promise Technology, a Raid Controller. I am concerned about this

as the Sata installation involved using this driver. I've been to Promise Technology's site but

cannot find the driver listed so can't get an update. I tried contacting them but got no reply.

I'm still not entirely sure why this driver had to be used in the first place, despite reading

articles about it. I was presented unexpectedly with having to 'configure the array' once the disk was fitted,

so it is now configured as a 'stripe'. Now, on booting up, the message still appears briefly

concerning the Fast Track controller and configuration, then booting continues as normal.
My question is, do I need to use this blasted Raid Controller at all? If not, can I safely

disable it? (I understand this can be done in the bios somehow, I would need advice on how

to do this though). Alternatively, if I go ahead with the Vista installation regardless, what will

be the repercussions of the driver not working as the Upgrade Advisor said? I got a Sata

HDD as I understood they are faster but now I wonder if I should have stuck with a Pata one.

It is frustrating to be stumped at this stage and any help would be most welcome!

You should be able to configure the RAID controller to work as a straight IDE controller or RAID controller in the BIOS. The Promise RAID driver then should not be required. To make sure I would be inclined to disconnect the other drive in your machine and just give it a go!

To get into the BIOS you will need to watch the black startup screen carefully, however it is usually accessed via the DELETE, F1 or F2 keys. If ytou still have the pretty image screens coming up when you start the machine then you will need to either read yourt manual or jus try the different options.

With regards to the actual installation attempt, if you disconnect your PATA drive and connect the SATA drive, insert the installation disk and start the machine ensuring that you boot from the DVD/CDROM device and proceed through the installation, if the drive will work it will show up and require partitioning etc.

Further assistance will require specific details about the motherboard.

I hope this clears up any confusion

Actually, even if you use it as an IDE controller, you may still have to install the driver. I have an ITE8212 based IDE controller that I still have to install a driver for, even if I don't use it in a RAID config. That's just how it is...

Thank you both for your input! I'm pretty busy with Christmas coming up (as you are too I'm sure) but will follow the first part of your advice this week, HelpingHands and see how I get on with the BIOS settings. I don't recall ever seeing anything in there about a RAID controller before though.
The Motherboard is a Soltek SL-75FRN2 Socket A, nVIDIA nFORCE2 ULTRA 400. (I'll be upgrading the graphics card for Vista).
I'll post here again as soon as there's more to say.
Thanks again!

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