Hello all,

I'm hoping I can get some help here. Something very strange is going on with my pc, and I'm pretty sure it's an HTML issue. Basically every internet page takes forever to load. Going into TASK MANAGER I see the "SYSTEM" process goes up to about 65% or higher, then when it goes down to 0 the page pops up.

I downloaded Security Task Manger to see if I could see what was 'underneath' the System process, but I cannot.

I say it's an HTML issue because when updating a program I use for work (20-20 Design), it freezes when the HTML tries to install, and the 'System' goes up really high.

Also my router is coming in at about 51.5MB of Memory in the Task Manger, is this normal?

Here is a link to a screenshot I took from Security Task Manager:

Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Sounds like spyware?

On my XP SP2 machine System uses 240k ram and 0.1% cpu.

It could be I suppose, but recently thanks to this Forum I've gotten rid of a pesky bug, perhaps this is the remains of it. Either way it's a pain in the ass.

Would updating my BIOS help? Could that be a problem? Or is there a way to cleanse my current HTML scheme?

What version of IE do you have?

IE6 had major issues with memory leaks

I have IE7.05370. I'll have to check to see if there are updates, but would an update to IE effect other programs using HTML?

Nope, not an IE update issue. Do you know of a site where you can clean/default your HTML and or ActiveX files?

jeremy, a good program to help you figure out some files that are taking memory or screwing with your pc when connected to the internet is hijackthis. I just started usig it myself, and it helped me clean up all of my home computers. I also have a small computer repair business I am going to start using it with. Here is a link to a thread that talks about it. You can try posting the log in here but I would suggest posting it in the forum that the thread I linked to is apart of.