I just bought a samsung 206bw, and when I run my machine using Win XP Pro some text doesn't appear to be crisp. And I can't get the max resolution out of the monitor. (When I run it using Linux everything is fine though). I installed the latest drivers for both the monitor and the graphics card I have (nvidia 6800). Does anyone have any suggestions?

Change the refresh rate. It worked for me anyway =)

i know on my dell lcd that the text looks like crap unless i run it at its max resolution. Also it may help to turn cleartype on or off

Right click on desktop -> Properties -> Apperance tab -> Effects -> Second combo box

yeah i have cleartype on but somethings still look alittle fuzzy. The thing is I can't get it to go to my max resolution, my graphics card won't let me even though I think it should since it is an nvidia 6800 (should I get another graphics card?)

That graphics card should be good.

Try turning ceartype off and seeing if thats any better.

If not then try setting it from Cleartype to Standard and if that doesnt work then try turning off all font smoothing

If none of those make any difference then go to the XP Powertoys website and download the Cleartype Tuner. It lets you select (from a wizard) which of a small sample of text looks better, so that you can configure cleartype for your individual preferances.

OK I downloaded the cleartype tuning tool and it looks much better now. And I'm not too concerned about the resolution size and how I can't make it the max resolution the monitor can go to.

Thats good. Im glad to have helped.