Everybody,I am a new member of daniweb. Now i am in great trouble.Is there nybody to
help me?
I have windows xp professional installed on my computer, I have only one partition
that is "C:".I have no floppy drive.
I have a bootable windows xp-sp2 cd, but each time when i try to boot from cd it
shows "boot from cd"... then it directly starts windowsxp. I have made first boot device
cd-rom in BIOS setup. But all the effort were in vain.
Plz nybody suggest me how do i format and partition my hdd.

First of all, welcome! Now to subject.

When you're in XP normally, can your system read the Windows CD?

Otherwise treat "Boot from CD" as a prompt to press a key (any key or D) to boot from the CD. If no key is pressed then the computer will proceed to boot normally and not from the CD.

Thanks for reply,
My windows can read windows normally,
but when i see "boot from cd" i pressed lots of key many times but nothing worked.
Plz tell me if there r nyother way to format my computer.Once again thanks for reply.

iwhen you boot up, right after bios screen, is there no:
"press anykey tooboot from cd" or something like it.
it only stay for 5 seconds.
are you using crt monitor? because the screen power up is a bit long...

I have tried this trick many times but nothing works. there is no dialough box saying"press any to boot from cd" so if there is ny way to format.Plz give me the solution.
Thanks for reply.

Try holding the C key down while booting. I haven't tried this since W2000 - but it might work with XP.

I take it that when Windows boots the CD drive is recognised?

..else your CD is less-bootable than you think it is...? Is it genuine or a copy of a genuine? It may be missing a couple of important loader files.

bootable CD is not working in a particuter PC but it is working another PC