HI i have very stupidly installed Fedora 7 on my computer and set GRUB to instal on the master boot record, but now i want to switch it back to normal, unfortunately i do not have the windows dvd around.

What can i do to fix / restore the MBR?

Any help appreciated :)

Thxs in advance

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Well any or both, i basically want the system to act like if i never installed grub


it will be very hard without the dvd, but there a few things you can try
down load and use vista boot pro, u can use it to edit the boot edit file, or just to remove any mention of other operating sysem from the boot order.


OK i installed it and tried it, reboot, didnt work

so i thought i would give a more in depth look into my issue

i have fedora 7 installed (still is) along with the /boot partition on my hard drive...

i would delete them and stay with the windows one if it wasnt because if i delete them then grub doesnt start properly and just gives me a black screen that says a bunch a stuff about what happens when pressing <TAB> and then says GRUB>_ (with the underscore blinking)... ok gettin of topic... the thing is that if i delete those partitions from the harddrive i cant access windows at all :S ....

Any advice?


lol let me rephrase... lol any solutions xD??


give this a read it have some usefull info,

did u install fedora on the same partition as vista? was the HDD partitions?


NO i did not install it in the same partition as vista.

Yes i had partitioned my hard drive originally to fit Vista in 40 GB, my personal documents in 20GB and d rest unallocated (which then became Fedora 7)

OK i'll take a look @ it first ting tomorrow, right now its late got work to do so yeah, thanks.


Hold on i had this problem (but with ubuntu) There was this app i launched from my flash drive during boot up. I think its call fixmbr. Google it.


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