Gamers beware. There is an email going around with a subject line that reads something like this: "You Steam will be disabled. Please reactive it." (notice how they cannot even spell "your" properly)

In this email you will find a head banner with the STEAM logo and a couple of links. The link that says "Reactive My Account" takes you to a website that looks exactly like the real site but it is in fact a charlatan, a fake, an imposter. If you click that link you will noticed in the address bar that you are at some South African bank's site [called Bankmed].

This is obviously some poor little hack's attempt to get a few unsuspecting gamers to enter their Steam username and password so he/she steal your identity and use your games, buy more games (on your dime) or worse. If any federalies are reading this you might want to check into that suspicious-looking nerd with no friends in the I.T. department at Bankmed.

Albert Einstein once said "Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen." -- so I don't expect anyone under 18 to have fallen for this trick.