A slight problem…

I have two PCs at home, connected with a wireless network. The desktop has printers connected to it, the laptop does not. The printers have been set up for sharing. Both PCs also have folders (with documents in each) set up for sharing. However, I cannot see any of the folders, nor can I see the printers.

I believe the culprit is Zone Alarms (free version). Does anyone know how to configure this to allow sharing of folders & printers?

The desktop is running Windows 2000, the laptop Windows XP.


Zone Alarm or any other soft firewall is inappropriate on an internal network where PCs need to do any type of browsing and sharing. You should have a hardware firewall, I.E. an Internet DSL/gateway type router to protect you from the Internet and drop the soft firewall altogether. If you are able to open the firewall sufficiently to allow what you want, it would be ineffective as a firewall anyway and a constant source of trouble.