Dear everyone,
Is it possible that we can use two computer with same name without showing Duplicate computer error.

Why dont you just change the computer name on one computer.

Why dont you just change the computer name on one computer.

Yeah, mikeandike22 is right on this one. If you're going to use the two systems on the same network, then you need to name them something different. Otherwise, you will get duplicate computer errors.

Sometimes even if the computer has different names it will still pose a problem but that will go away. My computer and router are all plugged into one of those multiple plugs boards with the switches sometimes when you turn off that switch and then turn it back on it will restart the router and you will get a duplicate ip message but that will go away usually after you reboot. I dont know if this happened to anybody else but it probably isnt a concern.

If you actually don't understand HOW to change the name of one of them, please indicate the Windows versions in use so that advice can be given.

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