Hi Friends,
I found a strange network cable today in the junk... The cable seems to be in good condition though...
One end of the cable has a regular CAT5 Ethernet connector and on the other end there's a regular serial connector, both properly molded in place...

Can someone please suggest me what or how can I use this cable for? Can I somehow use it to connect to computers (COM port of one PC to LAN port of another)?
Any pointers?

Thanks in Advance!

P.S.: Please don't ask me to cut the cable as I do not have a crimping tool to crimp another CAT5 connector instead of the serial connector.

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My guess is you should leave it in the junk. Someone tossed it away for a reason -- most likely because it doesn't work.

Oh well, but I think the cable does work, ie. its atleast connected end to end...
Assuming that, can it be of any use? If I can somehow use it to connect two PCs, it'd be a great help!:)

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