Can anyone help me find a source to analyze different patch panel configurations? I am trying to find a solution to how I am wiring my panels, versus the type of jack that I am wiring to. I have different types of jacks in relation to the panels, but I do not want to have to spend more money to buy new jacks. Any ideas or sources you have would be greatly appreciated.

what are you trying to do exactly?

I was basically trying to save money. lol. I am using a gigabit cat5e+ patch panel, and was trying to route it to standard jacks. I was told it can be done, but i cannot figure out the configuration. I ordered the jacks that match the panel this afternoon, so I guess I don't need any more help! DimaYasny, you seem to be everywhere on this website, I admire your passion!

I just have enough free time these days :)
and forums are pretty good for keeping me up to date on the new trends in IT (I also am in,, LJ:ru_root/ru_sysadmins/ru_linux, and several mailing lists :)

could anyone provide me inputs, ways to network a four internet connection?One thing in my mind is to attached the four with router each then configure it different IP address in on subnet mask. Thanks!