I have a Linksys router that I just got installed with the help of a friend. However, neither of us knew how to solve a perplexing problem: none of the computers connected to the router cannot see the other computers, nor can they be seen. I've used all of the three Linux distribution I have installed, plus Windows XP Pro (yeah, like that'll work...), to try and find/ping my missing computers. I have the three computers installed on the network, and a printer, all networked together through one four-port Linksys router. All three of the computers can see the printer, though, so I am not sure what is up with that. If anyone can offer any support, please do.

Are the computers connected via ethernet? Try pinging your router from each of the computers (The instructions should say the router's ip, usually something like

Make sure the router in configured properly. If you follow the linksys instructions, then you shouldn't have a problem. Make sure the router is connected to your isp properly (static or dynamic), and make sure the router is configured to dynamically/statically give workstations ip addresses...

Also make sure all workstation computers are connected to the same workgroup.. You can change this by right clicking 'my computer' going to properties and then the 'computer name' tab.

Not that the brilliant people on this forum can't help you, but have you called Linksys support. I just used them yesterday and they always come through.

I got the web server problem solved. I had to use the router configuration thing to remap all port 80, 21(ftp), and 6667(irc/im) to the server's IP ( It now works for what it is supposed to do. Thanks.

Glad your issue is resolved