I am having an issue that is about to drive me crazy. I just bought a new desktop and added it to the existing wireless network with two other computers. For some reason, Computer A and B can talk and share, But computer C, the new desktop, does not show up anywhere on the network or in My Network Places. I can get on the internet. If I type the IP address of the other desktop in the run command, it shows all the folders that are being shared. I can bring information from the old desktop to the new one, but not back. I am running Windows XP Media Edition on both desktops and home on the laptop. I have verified that all settings are corrrect, i'e., network configuration, workgroup names, all computers have an IP address and are seen by the router, can get on the internet. But this one PC is not doing it for me, for lack of a better phrase. Can anyone please shoot my PC for me, or at least offer some ideas? ANY help, is more than greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If the account on the media center pc is private, or protected, it'll screw things up.

How do I check to see what it is set to?

go to user accounts, then check to see if it says private under the name. if it does, change it.