I want to connect my laptop to my desktop. The laptop is running Vista and the desktop is running XP. I've decided that wireless is the easiest? route. What specificaly do i need to connect them. I have DSL connected to the desktop. I ordered a wireless router as i am also puchasing a wireless webcam. Can i use this to also connect my computers? I have searched all over the web and each place tells me something different.

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Well what i would think you would need is a wireless router, which you have ordered and some wireless adapters. These will then work with your wireless router to send information from one computer to the other. What you would need to do is set up a Wireless network either using XP's or Vista's Networking wizards. So that the two computers can 'talk' to each other. Another option you could try is a cross-over cable. This I believe connects straight from one computer to the other. Please correct me if I am wrong someone.


you are right Surunson...or use a parallel cable,,,not use thats been used in a long time any where. but the wireless routers is the way to go

Be very mindful of the fact that vista and XP might take some tweaking to communicate effectively, but its doable.

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