i am new to this and perhaps i am posting in the wrong area.

I have roadrunner at home. with a wireless router atached to it. it is a lynksys router.
my laptop says it is connected to the router but i cannot get to the internet.

However my nieghbor upstairs also has roadrunner, and a router, and i can connect to his just fine and get to the internet. i don't want to keep "stealing" his connection.

what can i do?

there can be a couple things to look at here. Obviously there is nothing wrong with your laptop if you are connecting to your neighbors router, which he should consider securing his router for that matter.

first i would try power cycling your cable modem. pull the power from it and let it sit for about 15 seconds and plug it back in. sometimes this helps, i have roadrunner myself.
make sure that the ethernet cable coming from your cable modem to your router is seated properly. pull both sides out and reconnect them.

What lights are on your router. there should be power, wlan and wan or internet.

i did the power cycle thing you talked about, and my connection is working again!! thanks so much!!!