Hi, I am interested to have a wireless network to connect 3/4 computers from a single broadband router.Please let me know what hardware and software is required.I am thinking to connect all on Blue tooth. Thanks_Joy

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Just to add to the previous post, all the software required will come with the equipment. I'd also sugguest sticking with the same brand of equipment if possible. Stick with name brands as well, like Linksys or D-link.


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As HoustonIT said, you should try and leave Bluetooth alone unless you have a specific reason for wanting to use it.

If you wanted to go Bluetooth (I believe it's called a PAN although not sure about that), you'll need a pc linked to a router with a Bluetooth adaptor - class 1 idealy, then an adaptor in each pc you need to add. Then set up a network between them. Bare in mind Bluetooth networks aren't as stable as those based on Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi option: Depending on the location or property, chose either G, G+, MIMO, or Pre-N. (I known there are some variants but these are the main four). You ideally need a router and adaptor of the same standard (i.e 54G) and brand as this makes set up far easier.

WEP or WPA would also be advised however it's up to you.

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