Hello all!

This is a weird problem I'm facing. I'm running Mint/XP/Ubuntu triple boot. Booted into Windows after like 2 weeks, and now I cannot access the internet from windows.:'( It Works just fine in Linux, so definitely no problem on my ISP's side. Maybe I need to reconfigure something in Windows network connections, but don't know what. (or perhaps is time to bash windows again ?:icon_frown: )

Any help will be appreciated, thanks for your time!:icon_cheesygrin:

EDIT: Oh, and definitely no viruses in there, for sure.

Could be a driver problem? rarely happens but try re-installing the driver for you etherent or wireless depends which is your connectivity you having trouble with ;)

check system properties and see if the nic is disables or have a yellow ? over it. update the drive and try again

Are you using a dhcp to assign ip's to your ethernet card? What is your isp? Also if you are using pppoe make sure that your username and password are correct :P

Thanks for all your replies.

It started working magically when i rebooted today :D

Good to hear mate!


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