i'd like to replace my usb adsl modem with a combo modem/router that i'll buy elsewhere other than my isp, but how can i determine that it will work with my isp, cuz from them i'll get only the modem (not the router) which is attached to an ethernet service plan should i take its modem)

any ideas on the specific modem/router i should buy based on my modem & isp info (if it matters):
usb adsl zyxel prestige 630 from cable & wireless(non-us isp from panama)

I use a comtrend router and it works great. Im not realy big into the workings of the internet but from what I understand they will all work its just the settings in it that you will have to change. I have used sever diffrent routers and modems over the years and never had to worry about compatability just the settings. Remember thought that if your provider is not familiar with that router or modem they may not be able to offer you tech support on setting it up or trouble shooting.