i am trying to connect my little sisters laptop up with a belkin g router. my mothers main computer pooped out so she is currently borrowing one of mine. i just took the lan cord out of her desktop computer and plugged it into my laptop which is directly connected with a lan wire to the router. her husband also currently has his laptop connected wirelessly to this router and all seems to be fine. however she purchased a NEC with windows 2000 (really old lookin laptop) for the little one. it came with a wireless card which didnt seems to work so i took it out and replaced it with a card that says "lan-express as ieee 802.11g cardbus adapter #2". everything seemed to install just fine however i cannot get it to connect with this router so she can take it into her room and go online. what am i missing here? i'm at a stand still. someone please help me resolve this. if any more information is needed please let me know. thank you :)