Are the Netgear routers set to a default WPA key or do they all have a different one?

Sorry but i dont know the model of the Netgear router because its not my router but i can pick it up on my laptop

Im in Dublin Ireland



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If it is not your router, and the network is protected by WPA encryption, why are you asking us? Ask the network admin if you have a legit access requirement. It does sound awfully like you are wanting us to help you to access a network that you should not be accessing - and that would be against the rules of DaniWeb and earn you an infraction...

Im sorry :(

Was about to say the same thing. And no, the key should have been created at setup, usually from a passphrase.

Could the admin delete this thread thanks


better ask happgeek or the board admin

I have just installed a couple of netgear Routers supplied to me by Sky. They both have different keys and therefore I would assume that neither one is ableto access the other.


please be nice people

I need to find my WPA2-PSK9(TKIP) code for ny nintendo dsi but dont know how to do it.please help me!!!!!

sorry.there is no 9 in it

are you there happygeek?

Netgear WPA-PSK(TKIP) Key Reply to Thread

I just want to have the internet on my DSi.I need the security key for netgear.If you can't help me, then I'm fine with it.

It is a WGR614v9 router by Netgear and I need to find the Network key. Can you help?

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