I dont have much experience in this so it might be an easy question for you guys that know about this stuff. I connect to my office through wireless, problem is I cant access the drives on the network, the internet and my e-mail account work perfect. What should I do!!!????

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Considering the Internet and e-mail work, that means that your wireless connection is, indeed, working. What you need to do now is set up file sharing. To do this, you will need to know a few things about the network?

Is it part of a domain?
What is the name of the workgroup?
Do you have access rights to certain public folders? Are they password protected?

If you don't know the answer to these questions, please contact the network administrator at your office.

I'm a bit confused about your question. Do you mean your OFFICE computer physically located in the office cannot see other drives on the network? Or are you trying to connect to your office computer from home, etc?

I am trying to connect to my office computer from home,

recently i bought a wireless network card so i can connect my notebook and desktop together P2P. I am able to get a connection but thats where it ends. Cant share files, cant ping, cant do anything with eachother..

I used static IP addressing cos i dont really need ICS on my notebook.

Desktop IP:
Notebook IP:

Workgroup name is same on both comps.

My firewall software has been turned off on my desktop and i havent installed anything on my notebook.

Now on my desktop Im able to see the notebook in network places but not on my notebook.

When I try to ping each other i just get a request timeout.
ping Notebook 2 desktop = request timeout
ping desktop 2 notebook = request timeout

My notebook is running win XP Pro and my desktop is win 2000 Pro..

Ive tried uninstalling networking on my notebook but still not working..

But im pretty sure its my notebook problem because networking doesnt even work on an ethernet LAN

I am trying to connect to my office computer from home,


If you are trying to connect to your Office PC from home that involves security issues that only your company's Network Administrator can resolve. You'll have to get access permissions because there should be no way by default for you to access the PC on your desk at work from your home.

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