Can anyone help me do the following: I am connected to my neighbor's wireless network with my PC (using a belkin USB wi-fi card) which is in the room closest to my neighbor's house. The rest of the house cannot get to that network. I have a wireless router D-link di-514. I also have a nic card on my pc. Using the XP network wizard I shared the wireless connection to the nic card on my pc. Can I connect to the nic card with the wireless router and share that connection? I hope I am clear with my description. I would really appreciate your help.



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Your description is very clear, and yes- you should be able to do what you're asking about.

I don't have time to elaborate right now (dinner time on my end of the world), but hopefully some of these links can help:


Read through some of the tutorials and suggestions in those links and repost with any questions you might have.

just follow the direction
then right click on wireless network--->properties--->TCP/IP--->install--->protocol--->add--->nwlink netbui--->enter

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