Hello, I am new to DNS servers. I have been working on this for about two weeks now so if i seem frustrated please understand. =) All I wish to accomplish is being able to type in http://www.dv6500321123.com into an internet browser and have it pull up my webserver. I downloaded BIND9 and installed it. I have my C:\DNS\bin folder with all the BIND9 files and my C:\DNS\etc folder with db.dv6500321123.com.txt and named.conf. Here is the text of the two files:

$TTL 6h
@   IN SOA  ns1.dv6500321123.com.   host.dv6500321123.com. (
            86400 )

@       NS  ns1.dv6500321123.com.

ns1 IN A
www             A

options {
    directory "c:\DNS\etc";
    allow-transfer { none; };
    recursion no;

zone "dv6500321123.com" IN {
    type master;
    file "db.dv6500321123.com.txt";
    allow-transfer { none; };

I am behind a router but I have the DMZ set to my web server and name server, which are the same server. If someone could please tell me what i am doing wrong and how to corret it. Also if you could provide me with a folder of working DNS zones and configuration files i would be greatful =)

Thank You,

Do you have a static IP available for a NAT translation?
Which model router do you have?

yes i have a static IP address and as for my router number i cant help ya there. its all marked up :P - i will look for the box tomorrow and will let you kno.

do you have the domain registered?

isnt that the point of a DNS server so you dont have to registar/buy a domain...

lol ya, im just getting stuck with sum stuff, maybe someone, *DUKI* *COUGH* *COUGH* will return to the thread and help me :)

dns server is there to serve the clients addressing it with name resolution for IP addresses. on a LAN you can set your own DNS up, but on the internet, there are only registered DNS servers, that will provide name resolution. the model is more complex than that, but simply installing a DNS server at home, will not make every machine out there resolve your domain name of choice to your IP.

ok heres what i understand. you have your DNS server and a static IP. you DNS server connects to a master server which then will then store the information about your DNS in a catch file. now to be honest im using the wrong name when i say MASTER SERVER but there are these higher level servers that store your "zone" information such as the doamin name and the IP address that it belongs to. When someone trys to access your site on a master server that doesnt have your zone catch saved it searchs other master servers to see if they have it. when it comes accross the master server with my zone catch its wil return the IP to the computer that was looking for it in the first place. if this is hard to understand i got most of this information awhile ago from this site: http://en.kioskea.net/internet/dns.php3

On you registrars website, did you point the servers to your static IP? If you call them, they should be able to help you with this.

ahh... serious? sorry to be a lil annoyed but i want to host my own domain. i thought thats what the DNS Server was all about. i could be wrong. i want to be able to skip registering a domain with someone else and skip "paying" someone else to host my domain. i want to be able to personally host my own domain 100% on my own from my own server.

all is correct. but in order for this to work, you must have a registered domain name, parked at that master server, and it must be able to accept zone transfers from your own dns server

o is there a way to do this without paying someone else to do it?

EDIT: wait the DNS server im running is a "Master Server"

EDIT: lol i keep thinking of new stuff to post :P - its the ROOT SERVER i need to get my "zone" information into?

ah, you want your own root server?

you'll need to contact IANA for that :))))))

lol no, i want to take the DNS zone information i have on my MASTER DNS server and send it to the ROOT SERVER so other ppl can access my website :P its the process inbetween this im having trouble with

do you have a domain registered at all?
you can't simply stick a dns server on the internet and expect the root hint servers to start working with it. it has to be officially registered and validated, usually only ISP and major company DNS server are allowed to transfer zones directly to the root servers

|o| thats ok, still $10 dollars more then i wish to spend... it has come to my understanding that ICANN, one of the operators of the ROOT-SERVERs', actually sells off "registrar" rights to "trusted" companies. now if i were to want to become one of these companies i would have to pay. the truth is i am only 17, i dont wish to spend money, and my goal to startup a business with paying a cent is quickly failing. [-_-] but i still have the site i've been designing. so i guess when i decide to break open my old piggy bank i will fully be able to run my site. seems the internet isnt as "open" as i thought ;)

internet is open, but it is not free.

you can park a 3rd level domain for free, if you agree to host some banners probably, loads of hosting space available

or you can register with no-ip.com or dyndns.org and have a 2nd level domain for your system. free of charge as well