One of our customers is having us setup a webstore for them that's hosted, but they host their web site in house. The issue I'm running into is that their router is setup to keep everything that's inside of the lan. Not knowing this we setup the store url to be

So every time they attempt to go the web store the router doesn't let them out. The obvious solution was to have them simply enter the ip address of the store. But we ran into an issue there as well.

We are using Volusion as the web store and there's a setting in the control panel that let's you set it to either use the ip address or the domain name.

So if it's set it to domain name and I enter the ip address it redirects to the domain name. Which keeps us from being able to get out from the router.

If we set it to the ip address they can get out to see it, but anyone who shops on the store will be redirected to the ip address in their browser even if they've put the domain name in.

I think it's strange behavior on Volusion's part, but so far their support has given me "that's how it works" type of answers and I'm stuck.

Does anyone have any ideas for getting around this besides changing the URL of the store? That's kinda my last resort.


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