Hi Guys, My PC is 2 floors away from BT Broadband point therefore W/L is poor and patchy at best.
I had a hard-wired phone extension run up to the PC, but, as you can guess the result is still pee-poor.
HomePlugs seemed the only way to go, so.........
Next to the PC no probs, lovely little lonely socket ready to go.
Downstairs, next to BT point the socket is directly in front of a radiator, so H/P will not physically plug in due to its bulky shape.
Plugging it in to a strip lead just didn't work, i.e. the PC can't connect, even though it's not a surge protected one.
Without getting a sparks to fit another socket i wondered if a single socket wired via a VERY short lead to a plug would work better.
Am I missing something easier to do guys?

have you thought about an adapter with an antenna? Proxim makes one with two little connectors built in.

TBH I've looked at all the permutations but I can't get past the bit where you have to plug in near the BT point and the socket will not accept bulky plugs cos of the radiator.
May be easier to shift the sockets.